Donkey Kong Remake

A good clean-up for the classic Donkey Kong


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Donkey Kong Remake preserves untouched all the playability of the original Nintendo game, but it powers up the graphic side considerably.

The new 'sprites' are really well designed, specially the one of Peach princess, inspired by the design of Paper Mario.

If we put appart the graphics, we find that Donkey Kong Remake is the same game we used to play two decades ago. Very addictive.

Four different levels, each one representing 25 meters, and your goal is to reach the top, defeat Donkey Kong and rescue the girl.

Of course, in our way to the top of the scale, we'll have to jump the barrels thrown by the giant monkey.

OK, it's not a new game, but with new graphics, we can remember long afternoons andnights playing this Nintendo classic and show young people that old classics never die. Donkey Kong Remake is a must have for any gamer out there.
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